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    Innovation And Development

    Technological innovation

    In 2012, Guowang Hi-Tech began to carry out the intelligent transformation, with an accumulated investment of hundreds of millions of yuan. Through the analysis and utilization of industrial cloud and big industrial data, it realizes the automatic, digital, networking and intelligent production process, and continuously optimizes and improves each production link through data driven, constructing the comprehensive competition advantages in quality, cost, technology, efficiency, flexibility and energy consumption.

    Through the intelligent transformation, Guowang Hi-Tech has realized the automation of production, informatization of management and integration of logistics. The superior product rate has been increased by 2%, while the number of workers has been reduced by 50%, and the energy utilization rate of unit product has been increased by 20.1%. The industrial structure of the company has been further adjusted and improved, realizing the industrial upgrading. Meanwhile, due to the outstanding achievements in intelligent transformation, Guowang Hi-Tech also won the honors of national “Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration” and provincial “Pilot Enterprise of Integration of Informatization and Industrialization”.

    Innovation platform

    Shenghong College was founded on November 30, 2017, and is located in Textile Technology Demonstration Park of Shenghong Group. With the mission of “integrating the eastern and western wisdom and the practice of Shenghong, boosting the global development of Shenghong”, it supports the implementation of strategy, disseminates Shenghong culture and cultivates echelon talents. Adhering to the training concept of “leaders develop leaders, combining training and combat and focusing on actual results”, the college is committed to creating a learning organizational atmosphere, improving echelon talent construction, boosting cultural transformation and strategic development, becoming a world-class enterprise university.


    Patent Achievement

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